Now that Regent has taken over a territory, and is ruling it by force, he could very much be considered a warlord, opening the crusader spot back up for Hookwolf.

Hm, I suppose that technically works.

Could you link Krix to the “Parahumans Worm Abridged” videos that Aris Martinian (ostrichlittledungeon on Reddit) has put on youtube and linked from the subreddit? They are absolutely hilarious and as far as I could see 100% spoiler free for the first two videos. So I decided to try something new… In retrospect, I’ve realized […]

Legend being gay is not a huge spoiler tbh. Your perceptions of him aren’t irrevocably ruined by knowing that fact, so don’t sweat it too much.

Yeah, it’s a pretty minor thing. I just have a policy of making a post about everything I’m spoiled on for the sake of transparency, even the tiny stuff. 🙂

Since you got spoiled that Legend is gay, I’d like to take this moment to remind you that his lasers can be different colors. Meaning that if he wanted to, he could shoot rainbows.

Ahaha, perfect! Rainbow lasers that don’t go straight!

Yeah, you’re right, there is someone who would work much better than Regent as a spy. Obviously it’s – wait who was I just talking about?

That is a very good point you just made about… someone!

(But yeah, the main thing I was thinking about with that tag was that someone with the power to change their appearance to look and maybe sound like someone else might show up at some point.)

Labelled the latest two posts, (Hmm… So if we can have symbolism + This kind of situation, ordinary citizens were doing things) are tagged 11gp1 instead of 11gp2

You’re misstagging the i11gp2 posts as i11gp1

Yeah, I caught and fixed these, and one more post with the same problem, after the end of session 3 while looking for a post. Thank you, though! I do appreciate that you took the time to let me know about it. 🙂

I don’t usually double check the session tags that long after the posts, so it’s just dumb luck that I caught these before the asks came in.

Huh. I thought Planck mass was a lot smaller than that?

Apparently not! One Planck mass is 0.00002176 grams. Multiply by 505400 and we’re back to 10.997504, or just about 11.

I used WolframAlpha to convert to each thing. The only bullshit Interlude number I provided that wasn’t converted from 11 grams was the cubits one, which was converted from 11 meters. (I could’ve used millimeters, since grams aren’t the base unit despite the name of the actual base unit, but it’d create an uglier number.)

Sometimes I’m amazed by how perceptive you are. I did a spit-take when you deduced, from almost nothing, that the new member of the slaughterhouse 9 is Heartbreaker’s kid, and thus, by extension Alec’s half sister. 

Holy shit you called nearly everything lol. Never seen you that on the ball.

I know, right? I surprised myself too with how much I got right in this one. It feels great to be on point with my predictions for once! 😀

Did I seriously cause a genuine spit-take? That’s awesome! :p


I hate both Krixwell and Sharks for making me read that. No more cummies, Daddy.

You’re welcome. 🙂

I never got into collecting things until I say cummies emojipastas. Thanks for the new one.

I love the contrast between these two asks. :p