Skidmark gripped the railing as he hunched over it, grinning a smile with teeth that seemed to be every color but white.

Rainbow Road might not be made of Skidmark’s power, but it sure sounds like he’s taken a bite of it.

His eyes were almost glittering as he watched the chaos he’d set in motion.

He may also have gobbled up some of the stars surrounding it.

Skidmark can’t make the Rainbow Road, but his power is literally Boost Pads.

Huh, yeah, I suppose that’s a good way to put it.

Maybe with some creative use of Taylor’s power, we could have some crabs pretending to be red shells.

The cheering swelled again, that ear-splitting sound you got when hundreds of people all tried to shout louder than the rest.

No thanks.

Skidmark raised his hands, and then swept them in a downward motion.

“Shut up.”

Twin shimmers not dissimilar to the heated air you saw above a hot road blasted towards the crowd.


So is his power literally heating air, or…

I do feel it’s worth noting that Skidmark and Squealer both seem to have something to do with cars and driving. I don’t really know what the connection might be, thematically, between that and their debauchery, but there’s a good chance they both have powers relating to that. Maybe Squealer is a vehicle tinker?

Where the shimmers touched the ground, they changed the color of the flooring, creating bands of glowing ground six or seven feet wide.

Huh. Can he pick the colors? Maybe treat an entire road to this treatment… with like seven bands… possibly up in space… with no railings?

After swirling for a moment, the colors settled into a gradient, stretching from violet on one side of the line to a pale blue on the other side.

I will say this is a lot cooler and a lot prettier than anything I would’ve expected from Skidmark of all people. Does it have actual applications beyond being cool, though?