Amy pulled back, and I grabbed her wrist.  Before she could hop off Sirius, Grue was directing the dog across the road.

Chariot and Glory Girl pulled off their helmets as we arrived.  Chariot was black, his narrow, triangular face largely covered in power armor.  He had the scruff of a weak teenage beard on his chin.

The design reminds me of Nino from Miraculous Ladybug, even though Nino doesn’t have stubble or power armor, is arguably more dark cream-colored than black, and his face can barely be called triangular.

So basically the description reminds me of someone who doesn’t look much like him at all.

Glory Girl bore little resemblance to any of the last times I’d seen her.  There were dark circles under her eyes.  She stared at me.  No- at Amy.

She’s been having sleepless nights, hasn’t she.

How much has her reaction to Amy’s leaving been affected by what Amy did to her?

The glare seethed with raw, seething hatred.  It made every line of her face hard.


She had to have a reason for doing what she was doing.  I tried directing them to move, and they took off.

I mean, on the surface, the reason is “you asked her to”, but I guess you mean a reason for the more specific changes?

No problem on that front.

I couldn’t ask what she’d done, because we were moving fast enough that the wind in our ears would drown out my voice, and the run was jarring enough that I worried I would bite my tongue if I tried talking.

Whatever she did I’m sure it’s going to give the dragonflies a couple new abilities that will come in handy soon.

The bit about how Taylor “couldn’t grasp every process in their body” reminds me of Genesis, and how she has to picture the body processes responsible for any given power her forms are supposed to have.

Instead, I experimented.  I tried operating their bodies, engaged in the usual practices for injecting venom, nothing.  They weren’t weaponized, I was almost sure.

Hmm. Then what?

I even placed some aphids on them to get a feel for their exteriors.

It was only when I moved them out to either side of me that it dawned on me what the echo was.  Experimenting, I sent them to the limits of my range to confirm my suspicions.

All I know about aphids (under that name, anyway) is they’re small, live on plants and are eaten by ladybugs. This is because I only know about them from Miraculous Ladybug fanfics where “tendencies” are involved (i.e. where Chat Noir and Ladybug act vaguely like a cat and a ladybug). And that’s if I’m not mixing them up with something else that has a similar name.

So does the echo…

Fuck, are they repeaters, capable of transmitting Taylor’s signal onward to bugs outside her direct range? Did Amy give the bugs Taylor’s power to be used at Taylor’s command? That would be an awesome way to help Taylor with the range thing without actually changing her corona.

Whatever signal my power sent to my bugs, these bugs were there to intercept it and transmit it to their immediate area.

Hell yes!

Each extended my range by three hundred or so feet around them.

Does it stack? Like, can you daisy chain them?

I love this. It’s a lot more interesting than a straight range upgrade, since now Taylor has to control where her range is extended, things can happen to the repeater bugs, and she probably doesn’t have the ability to sense the bugs that rely on the repeaters to receive their orders in the same way. Unless of course the repeaters also repeat the incoming signals back to Taylor.

(For some reason, I ran into technical difficulties trying to post this as a photo post, so let’s try it like this. Might be more practical to read too? Feedback on whether I should stick to this format for fanart commentary would be appreciated.)


evaexe: This piece nicely depicts one of the best things about Bonesaw: even with a bunch of blood around her, clearly spilled by her while doing awful things, she’s adorbs.


Endless_Assault: Man, it’s good to see that smile again. I really like the pose and coloration here, too.


ArtLounge: The adorableness streak continues with a little chibi Vista! Wait, is she… is she dabbing, to the best of her chibi ability (chibility)? Either way, this is cute.

…is she actually chibi or did she accidentally warp the space around her own head…


ArtofLariz: Damn, Aisha looks amazing here. Badass and beautiful! Give her some years and she might become a true femme fatale.


More ArtofLariz: Skitter certainly isn’t slacking on the badassery either. This might be the most badass image I’ve seen that involves a ladybug, which is saying something considering I’m in the fandom for a show with a ladybug-themed badass as one of the main leads.


Blastweave: It took me a moment to understand what I was looking at, but it turned out the answer was “something very cool”. Oh, and Dragon vs. Leviathan. It’s a visually busy piece, but that fits very well with the chaos of the scene it’s depicting. The rooftop Tattletale in the background is a nice touch.


diangu246: Don’t litter, folks – if you leave large sheets of plastic out in nature, wild Scions can get stuck in them! Jokes aside, though, this is a really good-looking piece. I love the lighting and the somewhat somber expression, in particular. 🙂


RespicePostTe: The artists of this fandom seem to be really good at making the girls look cute (when appropriate). This is no exception – between the pose, expression and pretty, bright colors, it’s hard to remember that this is a girl who regularly gets people to kill themselves.


ChromaCurves: Ooh, I think I’ve heard of this piece before – back after Interlude 11h, someone mentioned that there were more pieces like this one by ChromaCurves (that were still spoilery – I suppose Crawler was the only reason that was still the case for this one).

This doesn’t disappoint. All the Ponyhouse Nine designs look quite fitting! But where’s Pinkie Pie?

Crawler doesn’t look particularly like a pony – to be fair, the original doesn’t look much like a human either – but I appreciate how he’s got components from various species in the MLP universe. The first thing I noticed was the changeling queen horn, but he’s also got the axolotl-like cheek things from Spike (seriously, why can’t I find art of Spike as an axolotl? axolotls are great), a pegasus wing, eye effects similar to King Sombra, at least one pony ear, and transparent spike-like things on his head that I’m sure I’ve seen somewhere in MLP but can’t place. There might be more I’m not noticing too. This is a neat design!

So yeah! The Worm artists continue to be excellent. Keep up the good work! 😀

Random 4 AM prediction: At some point there will be a character (if there isn’t one already) whose civilian name is Rose. It seems like most works I’m actively in the fandom of has one at this point.

“We can call Coil,” Ballistic said.  “He can send a car to get you where you need to be.”

Yeah, as long as he still cares to help them, which I believe he does.

I shook my head.  I couldn’t wait and trust that a car would arrive in time, or that it would get me where I needed to be.  There would be detours, areas a car couldn’t pass through.

Fly on a cloud of bugs!


I turned and I started running.  Out of the parking garage, past Cherish, Bonesaw and Jack.  They didn’t say anything, and they didn’t try to stop me.

“Oh, so that’s why she’s called Skitter. Makes sense.”

Have you heard of this Ladybug/Worm tone-swap by tumblr user Pabel and Nine? I remember you saying you were a fan of Ladybug at some point. It doesn’t spoil anything for Worm you haven’t already reached.

That sounds awesome and ridiculous. 😛

The cuteness, shipping fuel and banter of Miraculous Ladybug applied to the characters and setting of Worm… the gritty gray and black morality of Worm applied to the characters and setting of Miraculous Ladybug… I’ll admit I’m more interested in the former half, but the whole thing sounds great.

I can’t actually go to Pabel and Nine’s blog, due to spoilers, but if I could I’d definitely go there to check this out. 🙂

Home three had been the breaking point.  Two foster siblings, a single foster-mother.  She’d overheard her caseworker saying that the new foster-mother would be a disciplinarian, the only person that might be able to turn Rachel into a civilized human being.

Oh jeez.

And the second home wasn’t bad enough? What fresh hell is Little Rachel in for now?

And is it going to be what causes her trigger event?

Bitch’s opinion, years later, was that this had been a retaliation, a punishment inflicted on her by the caseworker for the countless trips to school or the home to deal with Rachel.

This isn’t Arthur Poe. Arthur Poe is just incompetent and worse at keeping children safe than a jar of mustard. This is worse.

If Bitch is right, of course.

She hadn’t believed that her foster mother could be more of a disciplinarian than her second set of foster parents.

Yeah, that got my eyebrows up too.

Realizing the nature of her situation had been unpleasant.  The foster-mother brooked no nonsense, and had a keen eye for every failing and mistake on her children’s part, quick to punish, quick to correct.


If one of her children spoke with their mouths full, she would snatch that child’s plate away and dispose of the contents into the trash can.


Never the carrot, always sticks.  Rachel was made to attend school, then after-school make up classes, with piano every other day, as if she couldn’t be bad if she didn’t have the time.


…and here I thought reminding me of Chat Noir was Taylor’s job, not Rachel’s.

“And I wouldn’t say anything,” she finished my thought.


“Right.  You’d keep your mouth shut.  Because if you did start discussing stuff you shouldn’t know?  Those soldiers, the hackers, the plants we have with police and FBI and government?  My psychic friend over there?  They’d find you.”

Yeah, definitely.

I don’t think Coil having plants in the police, FBI and government has been mentioned before, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if that’s true.

I could see her clutch her pants leg a little tighter.

Better keep your mouth as shut as that hand.

“And believe me, Charlotte, I don’t want to hurt you.  But it would be out of my hands.  I’m not the top dog here.  The person in charge?  They would handle things after that.  Understand?  They would handle you.”

Taylor is… remarkably good at doing intimidating talk in the same paragraph as insisting genuinely that she doesn’t want someone hurt.

“I’m not saying anything.  Really.”

“I know.  And I know you wouldn’t say anything even hinting at what you know, unless it was to a therapist and you were absolutely sure it was confidential.  That’s what I’m proposing.”

Hm, are you saying that particular scenario would be fine, or that that’s a sort of situation you want to avoid because you don’t think there’s a risk of Charlotte blabbing to anyone else? It’s a little unclear.

Incidentally, I know a really good Miraculous Ladybug fanfic that among other things involves a superhero-turned-antihero going to therapy and eventually revealing his secret to the therapist.

Anything can become a badass title if it’s italicized and subtitled with “Extermination”.

  • Arc Thoughts: Extermination
  • Worm: Extermination
  • Lucky Bunny Bounty Show: Extermination
  • My Little Pony: Extermination
  • Homestuck: Extermination
  • Die Hard: Extermination
  • Steven Universe: Extermination
  • Taylor Says “Mucho Cred”: Extermination
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Extermination
  • Border Control: Extermination
  • Little Witch Academia: Extermination
  • …Etcetera: Extermination

Parian hesitated, “Please do.  If you pluck the strings twice, I’ll know it’s you.  I’m using my telekinesis on the strings, I’ll feel it.”

Ahh, so that’s how it works. Neat!

“Deal.  I’m Flechette, by the way, in case you didn’t know.”

“Oh.  Um.  I didn’t.  My name’s Sab-” Parian stopped, made a barely audible groan.

Hehe. Not used to secret identities, are you.

“It’s okay,” Flechette suppressed the urge to smile.  Sabrina?  Maybe.  Sable?  No, the b pronunciation was different.

Never mind the B, pronouncing Sable with anywhere near the same A sound as in Sabrina seems very odd to me.

Personally, my first thought was Sabine, probably because of Miraculous Ladybug. And hey, that Sabine has a daughter who’s into fashion and sewing.

“I’m an idiot,”  Parian spoke.

Flechette paused, then removed her visor.  “Lily.”

This is a very nice gesture. 🙂

Also, I love the name Lily. It’s a beautiful name.