I really need to get a better sleep schedule. I’m fairly tired right now and not really feeling up to blogging. Sorry about all the delays.

I think I should be fine tomorrow, though. I shouldn’t have to get up all that early then, so I’ll be more well-rested.

An unexpected nap bit into around half the time I had left to liveblog tonight. Whoops. I suppose that means I needed it, though.

I could start up now, but it’d be a pretty short session, especially with it being the starting session of a new chapter (intro posts take way longer than you’d think for some reason). I think I’d prefer to just try again tomorrow for a more complete session. See you then!

Okay so here’s the situation: That nap yesterday? It didn’t help much. It just made it so that I fell asleep late, and woke up once halfway through the four hours I had, so overall I didn’t really get that much rest. Add a day of brain-heavy work and I’m way too tired to liveblog.

Hopefully the fact that tomorrow is Saturday and I won’t have to get up early will help me catch up a bit so we’ll be good to go.

Damn it. Guess who has two thumbs and managed to fall back asleep after the scheduled waking from his nap.

A session tonight would end up being way too short for my liking. I didn’t want to do this, but I guess we’re postponing one more day.

I kinda accidentally just turned my brain to mush by cramming into it a bit more of the basics of Welsh than I or DuoLingo intended to put in there at once. Any blogging session I were to start right now would be short and, well, brain mushy, so we should probably try this tomorrow instead. See you then!


Change of plans: I was already considering postponing because I’m tired from work, and then my mom just expressed interest in watching a movie with me, so let’s continue the chapter tomorrow instead.