I was SO SURE the guy you linked a video of in your Stories of Norway post was some lost skit I missed from Joe Pera, one of the most unsettling and yet funny comedy character I know watch?v=Fm1RvzfPRh0


Hah, yeah, I can see the resemblance. Though the Ylvis brothers (the guys behind The Fox – through the miracles of styling, that’s Vegard Ylvisåker playing the man with the cup, architect Tor Kraft) are generally a bit more snappy with their humor than this guy.

Incidentally, the real Tor Kraft looks like this (on the right):


(Though this image was taken six years after the events of this scene from Stories From Norway.)

“Those three… are they going to die?”

“No.  The bites weren’t from a brown recluse.

Hah! Called it!


They’ll hurt, they’ll swell, and the three will probably leave the city to find a doctor.  Even if they realize I conned them, I think I scared them enough that they won’t be coming back to challenge me.”

Especially since she is in fact capable of really doing what she threatened, at least physically. Her conscience might not agree.


They say we fear the unknown, Sierra thought to herself.  So why does she freak me out more as I get to know her?

You’ve got the wrong Undersider for fear of the unknown.

I think part of this is because she’s falling into the uncanny valley. When you started out, she was a faceless villain who’d do villainy stuff. Then you learned there was a human behind the mask, but she was still a faceless villain who’d do villainy stuff. Nowadays, she’s a human with emotions and a face and a personality and she still does villainy stuff.

She brought her employer tea in the largest cup she’d been able to find.

“Priscilla, cup of coffee! No, the small one. The small one!

Thank you.

Not hard to pull the pieces together.  She could remember how quickly Neil had dropped the subject when he realized she was listening.  He hadn’t outright said that they’d caught Marquis, but she could imagine that the weaknesses that Neil had been outlining had been what they’d used.

Yeah, sounds about right.

Send Lady Photon, Brandish and Fleur against the man.  Add the fact that Amy had been there, a toddler, and Marquis had been too concerned about collateral damage to go all out.

Hah, called it.

It was him.  She didn’t want it to, but it all fit together.