“No,” Tattletale said.  “You’re getting that from Victor.”

Yeah, sounds about right.

I wonder if her power translated it for her.

“Can’t really use it.  Now how do I change what I’m stealing?”

Tattletale shrugged.  “It could be you’re only picking up the surface stuff.  Here, Regent, try some martial arts forms.”

“Like what?  I don’t know this stuff.”

“Victor does.  You fight using your puppets’ muscle memory, right?  Try moving around, see what clicks and Grue will let you know if we’re accomplishing anything.”

Makes sense.

There was a pause.  Victor’s hand briefly flashed out of the cloud of darkness as he shifted positions.

Grue rolled his shoulders some.  “Yeah.  There’s a martial art in there somewhere.  I’m picking something up, but it’s slow.”

Fair, considering the power reduction.

Tattletale smiled.  “Take everything you can.  We’ll see what sticks.”

“It’s kind of depressing,” Grue said, settling onto a stool, “I always took some pride in honing my body, training, all that.  This feels like cheating.  Skipping the hard work.”

Hey, at least you’re not licking any magic lollipops to “solve” all your personal problems.

References aside, let’s consider that Victor is consciously hearing this. This comment might sting a little.

(Homestuck spoilers ahead, feel free to skip this post)

Full disclosure: Taylor having a “hangover” like this reminds me of the scene Minda just passed in Homestuck, with the four alpha kids hungover from their run-in with trickster mode.

Which in turn made me think of the idea of trickster Taylor. (Not to be confused with Taylor dressed as Trickster of the Travelers.)

…if you know of any fanart of that, I’d be interested in seeing it.