I’m interested to see that a lot of people interpret Amy’s motivations/mental state and what Victoria became very differently to how I do. People seem to see a purpose or direction that I just don’t? I understood it to be that Amy fell into one of those feverish/nightmare states where you’re trying to do something very important but keep forgetting where you’re up to, so you start over and over. “What does Victoria look like? Swan neck, yes. Beautiful hair, yes. Delicate fingers, yes. What else? There’s a head there somewhere. What next? Oh, her hair, that’s important. I guess there are legs. No, I forgot her neck, got to put the neck in. What else? Hands, yes, what else…” Knowing that it wasn’t right but every time she tried to fix it she got caught in the loop again. It’s kind of an indication, to me, of how not in her right mind she was – she couldn’t even make her fit a human body plan? What state do you have to be in to forget that?

This sounds like a perfect description to me, yeah! This is exactly the kind of thing that would lead to the most important parts (to Amy) showing up over and over, and it fits with Amy’s description of what happened pretty well.

And yeah, I don’t think she had any more purpose or direction than “fix this”. And she failed to fix it, hard, because she was so damn out of it. Everything that had happened over the last, what, week or two? It all drove her to this.

What state do you have to be in? Clearly you have to be in Massachusetts.

So you know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head, but you don’t fully know the lyrics, just certain bits of the song that you particularly like?

And so you find yourself idly singing the song to yourself, but not the way it’s supposed to be. Instead, you’re singing just the bits you really like, and since you don’t know the rest and can’t connect them, the song becomes a mishmash of those few bits, repeated over and over, in an almost random order.

Your brain is stuck, trying over and over again to recreate the song, but it can’t finish the puzzle, because it only has its favorite pieces and can’t remember where they go.

Oh yeah, before I finish up, I had a work thought yesterday that I forgot to post about:

What’s going to happen to Battery if Cauldron determines that being controlled by Regent while the rest of the Nine leave means Shatterbird hasn’t escaped the city like Cauldron asked. Maybe they don’t count that as a failure until Shatterbird’s actually dead, though, expecting Battery to make an effort to free Shatterbird from Regent?

If she fails in Cauldron’s eyes, does she get another task, another chance to pay up her debt? Or do they send out agents immediately to get rid of the debtor? They do seem relatively agreeable, if amoral, so I feel like they might give her a chance, at least.

Work thought: I finally (I’m probably pretty late to making this connection) figured out what Amy’s daddy worries have to do with her power, how it connects thematically.

The keyword is “biological”. The girl with the power of biology worries about her biological father and about villainous tendencies being biological and hereditary.

I ended up thinking about Brian a bit while working, more specifically about whether his extra harsh behavior (which seems to oscillate a bit?) could be directly caused by his new power. It doesn’t have to be, but it’s to possible to not consider. It wouldn’t be the first time a power fucked with its wielder’s personality.

I don’t think this following idea is particularly likely, but here’s a thing that did occur to me: What if he doesn’t just borrow bits of powers, but also personalities? What if a bit of Crawler and Othala got stuck in him when he healed himself and the rest?

Again, fairly unlikely based on what we’ve seen, but theoretically something that could happen with a power like this.