I think I’ve found out what powerset I could give a Worm OC if I were to make one.

Imagine being a parahuman whose powerset changes, like Eidolon’s, but instead of being able to pick and choose, your power changes regularly (on a daily basis, I’m thinking) and is randomly selected according to the method I talked about in this ask response.

So every day at the same time (midnight, perhaps), your power picks a random verb and a random noun, and sticks them together into a phrase describing what you can do with your power that day. Maybe it makes three or so phrases like this each day, so that the powerset is a bit more versatile and a little more likely to not be entirely useless or nonsensical.

One day your power is to “offer suits”, “pat blades” and “fence science”. The next day, you can “float covers”, “question sleep” and “communicate corn”. Anything you can reasonably describe with the phrases of the day, optionally adding a “with” in the middle, is in your powerset.

It’s a capricious power that could be incredibly powerful some days, and incredibly stupid on most.

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