D&D has a lot of cool spells, so it’s a pretty good idea to take superpower inspiration from some of those. And hey, being able to more easily expy Worm characters to D&D campaigns is a neat bonus. 😉

Meanwhile, I (and some Discord friends following my example) have been playing around with making up powers via combining a random verb generator and a random noun generator – for example, let’s have a cape who can strip weeks (um… remove all clothes in the area for the duration of the current calendar week? lewd), cycle whistles, interrupt theories, disappear language (make it so people temporarily can’t talk, read or write?), scatter badges, level details (minor scale terraforming?), attack days, water boys (no, we’re not talking aquatic boys here, we’re talking watering boys, like with a watering can), mend lumber, carve accounts, vanish views (no wait, that’s Grue), or maybe collect bulbs!

If you try this, feel free to let me know a few of your favorite combinations you come across and how you interpret them. 🙂

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