A hand seized the pole of the Halberd, heaved me up, changed its grip to my right wrist and pulled me up and free of the waves.


I’m gonna guess that this is Grue.

When I blinked my eyes clear of water, Laserdream was above me.

Ah, no. Alright, Laserdream’s good too. Better, in fact, as far as Taylor’s survival goes.

She faced the epicenter of the growing depression in the ground, flying backwards.  Her other hand clung to an unconscious Parian.  It seemed like the two of us were too much for her to carry alone, because she hurried straight for a nearby rooftop, carefully lay Parian down.

Is she going to be in any way “safe” up there, though? It’s only a matter of time before the sinkhole takes the building too.

We hadn’t set down for more than ten seconds before the building shuddered and began to collapse.

See what I mean?

The ground beneath the building cracked and tilted, no doubt because the underlying soil and rock was being drawn away by churning water.  The flooding in the streets was diverted into the deepening bowl-shaped cavity Leviathan was creating, filling it.  It was almost a lake, now, three city blocks across and growing rapidly.

Another piece of damage that’s gonna be hard to repair. If Brockton Bay survives, they’re probably gonna have to live with having a new lake downtown, at least unless they find some highly powerful terraforming parahuman.

Only fragments of the taller buildings in the area stayed above the waves; some buildings were already toppled onto their sides, others half-collapsed and still breaking apart as I watched.

Should’ve invested in house boats.

Some capes were climbing out of the water and onto the ruined buildings, with the help of the more mobile capes.  Velocity and Trickster were working in tandem, Velocity running atop the water’s surface to safe ground, trickster swapping him for someone who was floundering, rinse, repeat.


Trickster’s kind of a dick as far as we’ve seen and heard, but his power is neat.

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