“Setting down again,” Laserdream said.

“But if there’s a tidal wave-”

“I don’t see one.”

Then what was the blinking about? A warning about the sinkhole?

I joined her in looking toward the coast.  The water was as stable as it had been since the fight started.

“If it’s a trick-”

With a little anger in her voice, a hard tone, she spoke, “Either we set down or I drop you.  I can’t hold on much longer.”

Flight or no flight, gravity can be a harsh mistress.

Although I believe Harsh Mistress died a couple chapters ago, so you should be fine.


She carried me two blocks away from the crater.  The ground was wet, but no longer submerged, the road was torn up, shattered, covered with debris.

Laserdream checked her armband, “It’s one of the shelters.  They sprung a leak, need help evacuating.  I’m going.”


Dad.  It could be my dad.

“Bring me,” I said.

On one level, I absolutely understand Taylor’s desire to go there.

On another, what can she really do? She’d be moving away from Leviathan – hopefully – and thus unable to track him, she doesn’t have a power that can help evacuate people, and she’d be weighing down Laserdream.

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