Flechette spoke, “You’re a hard person to fin-”

Oh hey, it’s needle gal! Are you our POV character this chapter? Wildbow has generally been good about mentioning the POV character first – or at least quickly – in the Interludes (with some reasonable exceptions), which is a good guideline to follow in order to not confuse the reader. That said, it’s entirely possible that we’ve skipped ahead to Flechette’s arrival in Brockton Bay and she’s talking to Weld.

Shadow Stalker, transparent and wispy, whirled on the spot, not even pausing as she fired her crossbows.  The first bolt went wide.

Woah, there, little miss hair trigger.

Alright, I guess Flechette’s our POV character, then!

Flechette caught the second out of the air, staggered back a step as she was caught off balance.  Her right foot skidded to the edge of the rooftop.

This reminded me of The Adventure Zone, more specifically of the magic item called the Fletcher’s Mitt, which allows the wearer to catch projectiles.

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