Bitch slipped past the pair of them, reaching the front door.  I could hear her whistle at a volume that I doubted I could scream.

Oh wow. Guess we can cross off that “no dogs on the moon” disadvantage.

Grue and Regent were already free of their cuffs, the three PRT uniforms closest to them lying down on the ground.

And the “Undersiders are restrained” disadvantage seems to be getting dealt with, too.

Tattletale was grinning at the four wards at the end of the hall closest to the elevator – Kid Win, Clockblocker, Flechette and Vista.  The laughter didn’t belong to Tattletale, however.  It was cackling, sounding like someone having way too much fun.

Regent? I’m guessing it’s been a while since he properly used this aspect of his power.

Flechette shouted, “They’ve got someone with the Stranger classification!”

Ahh, it’s Imp.

Time to learn what she can do, I think!

(Though to be fair I’ve been saying that for a couple chapters now.)

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