“Bad luck he got one of us, yeah.”  Tattletale made a face, “Regent, let us know if there’s movement from Grue up there, through Shadow Stalker.”

Good to have a literal extra pair of eyes sometimes.

“We’re going to have to fight our way through their reinforcements if we wait too long,” Regent said.

Right. That’s a bit of an issue.

“Probably.  But not the Protectorate.  The only one who could get here fast enough to matter would be Velocity, and he’s dead.”

Let’s hope there don’t show up like fifty PRT soldiers, then.

“They could have new members like the Wards did,” I said.

That is a good point. Hell, the Wards are in the process of recruiting another one, who would be able to get here in a jiffy.

Tattletale frowned, “True.  They recruited those guys fast.  Especially since they’ve been here a few days.”

Well, that’s not quite what the situation is. Actually, this might be a good time to point out that Weld and Flechette were at the Endbringer battle.

“Either way, we should make a quick exit,” I advised.  “Fast as we can manage, anyways, with Grue being stuck like he is.”

As the screen filled with more gibberish, reaching the point where there was more white text than blue background, we prepared to make our exit.

Yeah, better hurry.

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