Parasite 10.4

“Officer Krixwell, please prepare to read another chapter of the Worm arc Parasite.”


“Yes, that one.”




“Do you even know what that one means?”

Howdy, everyone! It’s time for some more Worm!

Last time, we had a good battle between the Undersiders, a puppeteered Shadow Stalker and some horned girl on one side and the remaining Wards on the other, which the Undersiders won… but their file shenanigans were interrupted by Dragon. I don’t know exactly what she can do from wherever she is (if she is anywhere), but I wouldn’t underestimate her.

I don’t have much in terms of predictions for how this is going to go, except that the Undersiders will somehow get out of this situation successfully. Tattletale might be the key to this, as a skilled manipulator with a knack for knowing stuff about people going up against an enemy who is not physically present and hides just about everything about herself behind a virtual representation.

Imp might also be useful here, but that depends a lot on whether or not her power has a range. If it only affects those physically present, it’s not going to work on Dragon. That said, she does have other powers according to Taylor (though they may be minor ones, like Flechette’s understanding of angles, which I originally interpreted as a side effect of her main power).

So yeah. Without further ado, let’s jump in and 10-51!

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