1. Coil is Animal-themed super-villain, who has underground base and he plans to take over the city, with help of quirky underlings. 

2. Dragon is Armsmaster Canadian Girlfriend (TV tropes GirlfriendInCanada) 

3. Flachette is a lesbian with asian ancestry, named Lily (Yuri (百合, “lily”)), who has power to pierce anything. 

5. Undersiders represent most common fears: Grue – fear of darkness. Skitter – fear of spiders (and bugs in general). Bitch – fear of the dogs (also of giant monsters, more relevant to Earth Bet). Tattletale – fear of revealing of your secrets. Regent – fear of loosing control. Imp – fear of the unknown.

Hah, nice. Got some quality stealth jokes with #2 and #3 there – what with that trope being about fake girlfriends and “yuri” being a term for lesbian fiction.

(I think people were trying to make me realize that yuri joke before, but I’d been thinking of Doki Doki Literature Club a lot around then, so my mind went to the Doki Doki character Yuri first.)

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