I made my way inside, joining the rest of the crowd.  Cots filled the majority of the building’s interior, and both possessions and people made navigating between the beds difficult at best.  Signs were spread out over the walls, some professionally made, others written in plain print with permanent marker:

So are the other people at this shelter Tattletale’s employees?

‘Priority Order: Sick, injured, disabled, old, very young, families.’  In smaller print below was the message, ‘Please be courteous and give up your places to priority individuals.’

Hm, sounds fair.

‘No pets’ was written on a square of white cardboard in permanent marker and triple underlined.

No dogs on the moon.

And yeah, remember how much chaos people bringing their pets while evacuating to their Endbringer shelters caused in 8.1? I can’t imagine it’d be much less of an issue here.

‘Abuse or threats directed at staff or other residents will NOT be tolerated.’


But yeah, this looks genuine. Is Tattletale running it, though?

‘Belongings go under your cot.  Excess + mess may be removed from the area.’

Makes sense. Can’t have it too cluttered in a place like this. Any space that could be used for another cot should be used for that.

‘No smoking within 30 paces of facility‘ was printed on a professionally made sign, but the line that was scrawled beneath in permanent marker was not: ‘there are sick people here!’

Thank you. Fuck smoking.

So what does it say?

I found a big, burly guy that wore an orange vest and name tag and approached him.

Oh, I guess it just meant that “there are sick people here!” was not printed on a professionally made sign.

Anyway, hi there.

He was talking to someone else, so I waited.

When he turned to me, he frowned, “You wanting to stay here?”

Uh, not exactly.

“No, but-”

“Opened our doors yesterday, and we’re already nearly full.  Any more space is reserved for priority people.  If you want a place, you can try the other shelters down-”

Sure, makes sense, but she said no. Pay attention!

“No.  I have a place.  I’m just looking for Lisa.”

Let’s see if he knows who that is.

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