client one, and clients two through six for confidentiality purposes.  For clarity, and to help ensure that the proper clients receive the intended products, we must restate facts for client one to double-check.  Client one is the negotiator for each of the clients, guardian of clients two and three and is not intending to consume the product.

Hm, alright. “guardian” implies clients two and three are probably underage, and client one is making sure they get powers. Are clients two and three in on this willingly? Do they know what they’re doing?

This cannot be stressed enough.  Client one is not to share or use any of the product intended for other clients.  

They evidently lost it somehow, at least.

Also, I wonder what the relations between client one and clients 4-6 are.

It kind of seems like someone is trying to set up a cape team by gathering the people first and then giving them powers.

Ignoring this warning or failing to adhere to any other warnings or directions within this documentation will compel Cauldron to carry out the countermeasures and call in all debts noted in sections 8b and 8c on pages seventeen, eighteen and nineteen.

Cauldron. Decent name, fits the icon. I suppose it also fits the idea of brewing, making magic potions to give people powers, which is a neat touch.

I’ve actually been semi-spoiled on this. I’ve been meaning to make a post about this, but didn’t get around to it in time for the reveal: I’ve become aware of the existence of a Discord server called Cauldron, and it wasn’t hard to guess that it was the same server some people have referred to as Upsilon while talking to me. I couldn’t be quite sure it was the actual name of the organization, though.

But yeah, looks like that is indeed what they’re called.

Also worth noting here: It seems the vials were sold not by the Dealer, but by Cauldron itself. Unless of course the Dealer did work for Cauldron and was killed by someone else.

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