“Can you blame us?” Tattletale gave him a shrug.  “We were talking about how to kill you guys.”

“That’s a topic that heavily concerns us, don’t you think?”

I wasn’t the only member of our group to look at her in horror.

Ahaha! Did they think the Slaughterhouse members – or Jack, at least – weren’t aware of that?

Jack laughed.  A little too hard for whatever it was he’d found funny about her statement.  “Of course, I already knew you were plotting against us, and you knew I knew.”

Let’s not go down that particular verbal cliché any further. :p

But hey, I suppose they did just compare Jack’s whole team to a chess set last chapter. There’s no game more heavily connected to that trope.


“Here is what you need to know, Regent, Bitch.  Each of the Nine’s members get to put our recruits up to a test.  Some of us always give the same test, time after time, no matter the candidate.  Mannequin always asks candidates to alter themselves in a way that costs them something.

*80’s game show music plays somewhere in the background*

Siberian waits until half the candidates have been discarded and then hunts the remainder.”

I suppose that’s efficient.

“I hope she doesn’t catch you,” Bonesaw sounded disturbingly earnest as she spoke, “There’s no meat left for me to work with after she’s done.”

Nom nom nom.

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