He didn’t need to avoid my swarm.  He was taunting me.

Ahhh, right.

Letting me know exactly how he had gotten so close without me realizing it.

Mannequin poses what I consider an interesting challenge to Wildbow as a writer because he can’t talk, meaning Wildbow has to find good ways to have Mannequin communicate through body language… with a body that is very different from a typical one.

I flicked out my baton to its full length.  He responded by doing the same with the telescoping blades that unfolded from his arms.  His weapons were longer, both sharp.

Mixed with the chain joints, Mannequin has a pretty clear reach advantage.

Overall, Taylor’s practically mundane in this fight, unless she finds a good way to use her swarm to enhance her senses like I described earlier.

Hm. Maybe the workaround for Mannequin dodging the bugs is not to make the swarm denser, but to allow visual input and have eyes all over the room?

It’s probably going to take a bit of a beating for Skitter to consider that, I think, but that might be the solution here.

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