I’m not sure how much you really touched on the reveal that Taylor fully intends to rebel against Coil once it becomes clear that he’s going back on the deal?

I didn’t really mention it because it didn’t feel like a reveal. We already knew she strongly dislikes him and has been contemplating the idea of saving Dinah by force. All this really does is make it clear that she believes she’s desperate enough to actually try if her current approach doesn’t work.

At this point, after Taylor has gone two Arcs spending every waking hour doing her best to save Dinah, that doesn’t really surprise me.

The biggest problem with it is that going against Coil means potentially breaking up what’s left of “the Undersiders”, since far from all of them are okay with the idea of such a rebellion. Which puts Taylor in a position where she’ll have to make another hard choice: Friends, or Dinah?

As it stands right now, I’m honestly not sure what she’d pick. If she picked Dinah, I think the Undersiders (possibly minus Bitch) would eventually come back together somehow, even if not together together as a team, but that’s a sidenote to the decision itself.

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