“The Protectorate?  Why?  To sabotage it from within?  Steal information?  I don’t want to do anything like that.”

I wonder how much Cauldron might insist on the contract if she refuses to carry out one of the favors.

“Just join.  That’s all I ask.  If nothing else, it would mean you had resources and training to develop your powers and achieve your own goals.” 

…fair enough.

Of course, they’ll still have two more favors they can call in while she’s on the team.

Jamie frowned, looking at her gloved hand.  She had been contemplating joining anyways.  It meant one favor out of the way, relatively harmless, which was good, but there was little doubt that Cauldron wanted her in place for a reason.

Yeah, exactly.

“Round eight, puppy?”  Madcap said, “Maybe you can finally win one!”

It does seem like he enjoys it on some level.

Jamie charged him, and the rest of her team followed soon after.

Ooh, backup!

Madcap leapt to one side as Legend fired a series of beams at him.

Bigshot backup!

The villain plunged into and through the concrete wall of the jail, and Jamie was only steps behind him.  She saw him rounding a corner and gave chase.

Cue the Yakety Sax!

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