End of Snare 13.2

Manny, I got your number
I need to make you mine
Manny, don’t change your number


(don’t call that)

…wait… what if that’s actually what it is? Although it’s not like Mannequin can actually answer over the phone.

Anyway, this was a neat chapter. Some minor development on the Imp-Grue conflict, a skirmish with Mannequin that went super well (depending on whom you ask), and most importantly, we got some excellent development between Amy and Skitter! Just a shame Mannequin had to ruin the moment.

Next chapter, I guess it’s back north to deal with the threat Skitter believes Mannequin poses to her gang – which legitimately seems like something he’d do, but let’s not forget the Arc title. I’m sure there’ll be some form of trap sooner or later, whether it’s set up by Mannequin, Cherish or Skitter.

So yeah! See you then!

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