“I’m sorry,” I replied.  “We’ll get them, okay?  We’ll fuck them up.”

She looked at me, and the anger and hatred that had colored her expression before was gone.  She looked forlorn.


Sad doggo.

Grue handed me one of the knives, then handed one to Bitch.

It was short, only four and a half inches long, and there was a word inscribed on the steel with a smoky texture, so the six large capital letters and the row of smaller characters were pale against the gleaming, bloodied steel.

Ohh. Messages in knife form.

I guess they’re what you call sharp words.


I guess this is his way of telling Amy and Bitch what his trial is? “CHANGE” seems straightforward enough, but what’s with the numbers? I could see it as a time and date – 22:00 on the 16th of April, 2012 – but that time is almost a year in the future, so it’s surely not the deadline for his trial.

“Bitch has her deadline for her test, and Amy does too.  Ten in the evening, and I think it’s for tomorrow.  Jack said his test always involved someone changing themselves in a way that costs them something.”

Alright, so I guess I was sort of onto something with my reading of 2200, but what’s the rest?

“I’m going to kill him,” Bitch growled.  “Fucking tests.  Killing Lucy, stabbing Bentley.”

Sounds like she’s not so interested in seeing what it’s all about anymore.

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