Aisha had never killed anyone, but here she was, holding a lethal weapon.  She could slice Shatterbird’s throat and they wouldn’t even realize she was there.

Yep! Or stab her in the back, whichever works for you.

They would, she suspected, realize that Shatterbird was dead or dying.  There was a fifty-fifty chance, anyways, that it would force them out of whatever effect her powers had on their brains.

Hm, intriguing.

I’m kind of partial to the idea of Imp staying unnoticed, if only because of the Wheel of Time analogue having been known to stab people in front of others and still not be noticed.

It had happened to her before.

But yeah, it makes sense that there’d be a limit to how far it can stretch.

I wonder if it has to do with whether people are actively looking for her. Maybe they might not notice her due to focusing on the victim, Shatterbird, rather than looking for the attacker? I don’t think that’s likely except in Bonesaw’s (and maybe Burnscar’s, if I was onto something and wrong about the one-sidedness) case, though.

Except that Shatterbird would kill her in her last moments, using the glass that had been swept to the corners of the room, or one of the others would.

Quite possible, yeah. Unless she died immediately, there would be retribution.

Burnscar or Crawler could deal a hell of a lot of damage, even if they didn’t know who they were attacking.

Their biggest limitation would be Bonesaw. I’m sure Crawler is immune to fire and Shatterbird would be too dead to care if Burnscar just set fire to the whole room, but Bonesaw has no such luck. She probably wouldn’t appreciate her work being torched either.

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