Could I comment on that?  Should I?

Probably not. Trickster has already suggested you should mind your own business once, way back in 6.8. He probably would not take kindly to it.

Though you have gotten to know him better since then (mostly offscreen, but still).

I remained silent.  We exited the stairwell at the fifth floor and entered a dark hallway.  I clicked on a flashlight, and we made our way down the hall. 

Trash was piled everywhere, and I was all too aware of the maggots that were crawling on the floor, barely visible in the dim light.

Sometimes this power is not that great.

“Which way?” he asked.

I pointed.  A side benefit of my power was that it made it pretty damn easy to maintain my sense of direction.

Makes sense. She has total awareness of thousands of reference points without having to see them.

We tried the doors for the two apartments that led in the right direction.  Both were locked.

Trickster touched the doorknob, then looked across the floor at the trash in the hallway.  The doorknob disappeared, and a chunk of wood fell to the ground.

Heh, nice.

He repeated the process with the internal mechanisms, and the lock was effectively transported away.  He opened the door and walked inside, going straight for the windows.

Screw “alohomora”, this is a way cooler way to open a lock.

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