End of Snare 13.7

This went places I didn’t expect. Instead of jumping straight to trying to rescue Grue, we got so much good stuff. Cherish trying to out-Tattle Tattle, her read on Karkat Trickster and Taylor’s musings on that, the idea of Cherish being tied to a fucking bouy in the middle of the bay, Trickster and Tattle awkwardly being like “Coil totally isn’t just using us all, we all believe that, right guys”, Taylor being awesomely dramatic with her swarmophone, Legend and Taylor waxing philosophical about good and evil and identity…

Yeah, it’s safe to say I like this one.

Next time: Trickster has an idea and I have no clue what it might be. All I know is it’s something he could be inspired to come up with by Taylor’s conversation with the heroes. I’m pretty sleepy right now, though, so maybe some theories will occur to me by the time I start the next chapter. I’ll keep you posted if they do.

Finally, before I go off to snooze in my food and eat my bed, I want to officially predict that we’re getting less vague details about the Travelers’ backstory soon. Hell, maybe even next chapter, but I’m thinking next Arc at the latest. We might have a Traveler POV Interlude at the end of this Arc, even. It’d be cool if it were Noelle’s.

So yeah! That’s it from me tonight. See you next time!

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