Snare 13.10

Greetings, everyone, my name is Krixwell Jace, and tonight I’m going to be your reporter for the news.

So, the first topic today issss… oooooooaaaahhhhhhhhi shall begin with one hundred percent


a day: percent

there’s no day: percent

tomorrow: percent

saturday: percent

at least one day

this is- this is not the script! where is the script?!

a day… sunday there’s no day, ah, i, it’s canceled so get ready for the giggles and laughs okay

greetings everyone my name is krixwell jace. today i shall present

*giggles* get it? like, i am so funny

so, the first portrait is– (krixwelleh jace, your reporter f)

ah, here’s the script

*ahem* excuse me

i don’t know how to reeeeeeead

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