Flying bugs were gathering in formations, carrying the slower bugs forward and maneuvering the spiders to spin webs.  Smaller bugs, the useless ones, I directed to Amy and formed into dozens of decoys.  Millions of instructions a second.

But I’m not sure Skitter’s multitasking limits take the form of her not being able to multitask past a certain point. The way this is being described, it sounds like she’s losing focus, becoming one with the swarm. She is the swarm.

Estimates said that insects outnumbered people by two hundred million to one in worldwide population.  Part of that distribution was biased toward rainforests and other areas humans left uninhabited.

Welcome to beautiful Brockton Rainforest!

That’s a fuckton of bugs. And “insects” doesn’t even cover the whole phylum of creatures Taylor can control.

At the end of the day, that was just insects, and there were more creatures under my sway than the six-legged variety.

…like I was saying.

Taylor controls arthropods. It took me a while to connect the fact that she can control crabs and arachnids to that higher classification, but I got there eventually.

I could feel them in the earth, in the walls, beneath the pavement, even.  Even from the weeks after I’d left the hospital, I’d dismissed them as background noise, just sources to draw from in amassing my swarms.

Honestly, as far as creature control powers go, arthropod control is really good for always having some ammunition handy.

Now, it felt different.  My range was extended, and it wasn’t because I was distracted, cornered, trapped.  As Crawler noticed us and shifted his position to keep us all in line of sight with his innumerable eyes, I had a few moments to think, to experience my power at its best.

She’s going mad with power! Mad I say! 😮

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