Vista, Clockblocker, Weld, Flechette, Triumph, Miss Militia, Assault… Glory Girl, Battery, Cache and the ghostly bear were joining them.  That left two more I couldn’t place.  They moved in formation.

Hm. The two she can’t place might both be Prism. Multicolored duplicates would be an appropriate power for that name.

Might as well do what I could to help.  I drew out arrows and words on the ground, with names by each arrow to point them to Jack, Bonesaw and Crawler.  With the arrow length, I tried to indicate how far the distance was to each of the enemies in question.

Nice, I think that’s gonna help out a lot. Not least by letting them cut off Bonesaw’s shenanigans.

They spent about ten seconds discussing it, then broke into a run, going for Jack and Bonesaw.  Good.

We reached the scene of the ongoing fight with Crawler.  Sundancer was off the dog and on the ground the second we could see him, creating her orb and increasing its size.  She was fireproof, but she didn’t have the ability to grant that benefit to others.

Probably a good idea to move the sun away before increasing the size too much then.

Once she was standing, the orb was free to grow.

There wasn’t much my bugs could do.  They settled on Crawler and found his flesh impenetrable.

It’d be pretty ridiculous if Taylor found that Crawler, for all his immunities and tough skin, was still vulnerable to bugs. :p

If he has any vulnerability to them, it’s that you might be able to make him chase a swarm of them like a laser pointer. :3

I began preparing web nets, drawing lines of silk between my airborne bugs.  Amy’s relay bugs had afforded me the chance to pick up far more bugs than I otherwise might have.  My attention flickered over my swarm.

Are you trying to catch Mannequin?

Nearly a million spiders.  They were only a relatively small percentage of the swarm itself.


I had more ants, termites, flies, aphids, gnats and beetles to form the bulk of my army.

I sent the more useless ones toward Amy.  Not so many that I overwhelmed her, but enough that she always had more at hand.

Excellent. So what is she doing with the ones you’ve already sent?

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