“The fire will have undone the silk bindings,” I said.

Fuck, good point. Better make sure he can’t jump hundreds of feet.

“Can you do it again?”

“Not here, not anytime soon.”

Yeah, he’s currently a bit out of range.


“What are the odds that Bonesaw and Jack survived?”

“Too high.”

Especially Jack, from a narrative perspective.

I stared down at the inferno.  The tallest fires had dwindled, but a carpet of fire covered everything for a five block radius.  Cars that had been mostly intact were charred hulks now, and the explosions had torn chunks out of buildings, or the flames hollowed out the interiors.

Hey, Piggot, I hope you have people ready to stop these fires from spreading too far.

“How would he survive this?”

“How would you survive this?” she asked.  “Or- if you didn’t know precisely what was happening, where would you find the most secure cover?”

In Bonesaw’s case, she might hide inside a body again. Or maybe make a pillow fort, except the pillows are people.

I thought back to the options I had considered.  “The sewer?  Or find a bank vault?  Not sure if the sewers or storm drains wouldn’t collapse, and the bank vault could easily become an oven.”

Though considering the bank vault becoming an oven kind of requires you to have an idea that high temperatures are involved. In any case, there are more drawbacks to that idea, such as breaking into the vault taking time if your name ain’t Crawler or Siberian.

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