Any idea who the scholar could be? Taylor doesn’t know, but we have more info than Taylor.

Hm. Well, when you put it like that, it seems like it’d have to be someone we’ve heard of, in a non-Taylor chapter or Interlude, probably 9.3. Which is fitting considering that’s one chapter before we found out the Nine were in town.

In 9.3 we learned about Garth and Rogers, who studied trigger events. Garth later went on to study cape families.

If Siberian is one of the two, I’m guessing Garth, just because we know ever so slightly more about them. Though maybe Rogers disappeared to become Siberian and that’s why Garth did their study on families alone? Or, what if Rogers was the love Garth lost and later became Siberian in order to avenge?

Basically it could be either one. We really don’t know much about these two.

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