“You’ve outlived your usefulness, Skitter,” Jack spoke.

To be clear, yes, I have figured out that the reason they’d string her along like this would be so they could get in touch with Cherish and figure out where Amy was. So this statement comes as no real surprise, especially after Taylor attacked.

If I’d just had a minute or two more to decide on a course of action.

She thinks this just as a shooting star crosses the sky. Suddenly a random Clockblocker ex machina runs by and freezes Jack and Bonesaw before continuing down the street.

“It was fun.  I almost wish I’d nominated you for the Nine.  You’re versatile, and there’s so many weak points I could have exploited if I’d had more time.

Hey, told you she has what it takes to be a nominee.

If she didn’t have those pesky morals, she’d be a great addition to the team.

If Cherish’s information on you wasn’t so misleading, I think I could have made you shoot the heroine.  To corrupt you like that, it would have been amusing.”

Of course.

And that’s why he took the charge in that scene and “Lisa” stayed quiet – she was deferring to her leader and surrogate father.

I fumbled for the gun, using my bugs to get a sense for where it was.  In the same motion that I pointed it, Jack slapped it out of my hand with two slashes of his knife.


He was a dozen feet away, but the knife nonetheless connected with my weapon.

Yep, that’d be his power at work.

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