I’d been given tips on fighting, even if I couldn’t remember by who or by whom.  Catch them off guard.

That would be by Grue. The real one. 🙂

My arms around my face, nearly blind, I charged him.

Certainly an unconventional move, which is exactly what she wants here. 😀

He caught me in the side with a kick, but I had enough forward momentum that I crashed into him anyways.  We fell to the ground, and I reached for the smoking vial that hung around his neck.

Wildbow, DMing the world: “Now where are those grappling rules again…”

This kind of close range combat is exactly what you want against a range specialist like Jack. He can’t slice very easily like that, especially if he himself isn’t immune to his own power. Though do suppose he could stab.

Jack already had the stiletto in one hand.  He jabbed it toward my face, my eye, and I jerked my head back out of the way, abandoning my attempt to get the vial.  Using one elbow, he shoved me to one side, then flipped over, simultaneously reversing his grip on the knife in his other hand and driving it down toward the side of my head.

Looks like he’s got experience in dealing with it, though.

I rolled with the momentum he’d given me to escape before it could pierce my ear or my temple.  He was already following up, slashing both knives at me, one after the other.

This would be cool in motion.

He knew how to fight, of course.  He’d said he’d been at this for a while.

Hated this.  Hated fighting without knowing enough about my opponents.

The miasma really makes things difficult. Maybe Taylor could get Amy to cure it real quick?

Oh right, another snag I’ve forgotten to consider: Healing the miasma’s damage would involve messing with brains.

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