“Hookwolf’s under the influence of Bonesaw’s miasma,” I added.  “Don’t know what his reasons were for staying here, but the miasma seems to have eliminated that.  He’s with the Nine.

Oh right, good point.

Maybe permanently.  Bonesaw will keep it from killing him, I guess.”

Yeah, that’s what I was just thinking too.

“So they got their candidate?”

I suppose to some extent they might still follow the rules. Every member of the Nine has either died or had their turn… except Jack. If the nominees survive a round of Jack’s testing, then the Nine take one volunteer and leave.

“And,” I addressed Bitch as I spoke, “They might be looking for more candidates to round out their group.  If they left Siberian behind to try to recruit Hookwolf, and they tried a pretty aggressive strategy against Panacea, then they might make another stab at recruiting you.  Or Regent.”

Or Armsmaster.

“Or Noelle,” Tattletale added.

Noelle is also an option, but she’s safer than most of them, especially now that Crawler’s down.

Why did that give me such a bad feeling?


What if it’s Noelle that becomes the final threat and the prophecy about Jack is because he manages to bring Noelle with him in every timeline in which he leaves the city?

Though that last part seems odd. Why would he be able to do that in every timeline?

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