“I do.  Listen, I’ve got a cure-”

“Who the fuck are you!?”  Rachel shouted.

Time for some reintroductions, perhaps?

Or maybe you could use the cure right now.

I shut my mouth and turned to face her.

I was secretly glad the dogs hadn’t turned on her, as that probably would have meant the death of a teammate, but I was getting a firsthand look at what our enemies had to deal with.

I am not surprised that something to this effect is happening. A situation with Rachel and the doggos on the other side has been a pretty obvious eventuality for a while. The question was mostly just how it would happen and when.

The dogs were big and vicious enough that if they attacked, there wasn’t a whole lot I could have done.  Heck, Tattletale and I together couldn’t have managed much of a defense against one of the creatures, let alone three.

Yeeah, the doggos are really not something you mess with.

So hey, if Rachel has all her doggos here, why was Bentley alone earlier? Was Rachel close by? Or maybe she had to round them up one by one?

“We’re teammates,” I told her.  “I was just fighting the Nine, I’ve got a cure for this thing.”

I’m not sure people are gonna take kindly to the idea of letting another thing get used in the water if they’re not sure you’re really on their side.

“Or you’re going to kill me the second I let my guard down.”

I’d been conned by the Nine.  Tricked into letting them get access to certain information.  Bitch wouldn’t have fallen for that, but that came with the caveat that she was that much harder for us to reassure.

To be fair, she’s distrustful even on the good days.

“I can put my weapons away.  Or give them to you.”

That means so little in this world, Taylor, when the person you’re talking to doesn’t know what you might be able to do without your weapons.

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