Three women, none of whom were Siberian if I accounted for the presence of clothing and the texture of their skin.

Alright, if the Monochrome isn’t out, we seem to have an excess woman here.

I need to count over this again.

Three men: Mannequin, Jack, Siberian

Three women and a girl: Bonesaw, Cherish… apparently not Siberian… 

We need two more women.

Well, they’re clearly not among the nominees. The female nominees were Rachel, Amy, Noelle and maybe an unspecified pony. I don’t think any of them qualify as “women” rather than “girls” as far as Taylor’s bug sense is concerned, and Rachel and Amy definitely aren’t in there.

Maybe they’re Protectorate members? Or hostages and/or Bonesaw victims?

Rounding out the group was a little girl with long hair.  One of the women was doing most of the talking.

Cherish, I suppose.

Actually, I suppose if she’s a woman as far as Taylor’s concerned, these other three might be too. It is possible Noelle is among them, then. Though they’d have to break into Coil’s place in order to do that, which they definitely didn’t do before tricking Taylor and meeting with Amy (Coil would be way less composed – also, no time) and certainly had no time to do after.

…it’s a really good thing the miasma would have a hard time getting to Noelle.

Would that be Shatterbird or Cherish?  Who was the third?  Had the Nine gotten their hands on Noelle?

And yeah, I forgot to mention it, but it did occur to me a little bit back that Shatterbird might’ve gotten away from Alec and rejoined the team (likely being protected from the miasma the same way Bonesaw and Jack were).

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