She hurried to obey, stepping into the open doorframe and reaching up to bring it down to the ground.  It latched at the door’s base.  She shut the door after it.  “There’re kids still on an errand, I think.”

After that display, Sierra doesn’t want to waste a moment in doing what Skitter wants.

“I’ll let you know when to open the shutter again.”


Right, she’ll sense the kids.

Skitter scattered the bugs around her face and ran her gloved fingers through her hair to straighten it.  “I’m sorry.”

“That was a touch dramatic.”

But which thing is she apologizing for here? Not coming back sooner? Letting Sierra see her go a bit heavy on the intimidation there?

Moments like this are part of why Skitter would fit into the Nine.

“It’s okay,” Sierra replied, not quite sure what the apology was for.

You and me both, Sierra.

“Couldn’t focus on this place and the Nine at the same time, and I thought this place was a lost cause.”

Ah. The former, then.

That stung, but Sierra didn’t voice the thought.  “Might be.  We’ve got bodies to get rid of-”

Yeah, I can see why she would be a little bit hurt by Skitter admitting to have pretty much given up on them.

I think Skitter is a little too exhausted to worry about the bodies right at the moment.

“I’ll handle that tonight.”

What time even is it right now?

“The Chosen have been moving into the edges of your area, here and elsewhere, according to Tattletale’s soldier.”

I guess they might be our next antagonists? Maybe? Seems like a step down from the Nine, but most local antagonists do right now and I doubt we’ll be seeing Nilbog right after the Nine left. So what else might be next? The Simurgh?

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