“Things are going to get better now?” she asked.  “You’re not worried about the Chosen?”

Don’t jinx us, Sierra.

That’s like… something you’d say two seconds before the Endbringer alarm goes off again.

“No.  I think their leader is gone, and after facing down the Nine, somehow I’m not worried about dealing with them.”

That’s fair. And yeah, the point about Hookwolf didn’t occur to me.

So then what is next?

Facing down the Nine.  Sierra shivered a bit.

I wonder what her reaction would be if it had been Legend who said it.

“No,” Skitter thought aloud.  “I think the biggest challenge I face comes from within our organization.”

People like Yan? Or are you looking the other way along the ladder, up at Coil?

That gave Sierra pause.  Had Skitter intended to include her with that ‘our’, or was it just vaguely phrased?

I think she might mean “our” as in the Undertravelers, but you’re absolutely a part of their organization, so you could be included, “our” being in the sense of “the organization we are part of”.

“An ally?  One of the other people with their own territories?”

“I shouldn’t have said that,” Skitter said.

Now Sierra knows how to get past Fluffy! And that Legend is Nicholas Flamel!

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