Yan pointed the gun at Skitter.  “You’re back, huh?”

I hope this is a fake Skitter and Yan tries to shoot her.

I’m not sure what would be better, the decoy feigning death at the gunshot so that Yan thinks they don’t need to worry about her anymore, or the bullets just going right on through, causing Yan to start worrying when her gun isn’t the all-powerful tool of intimidation she’s been using it as.

Then again, if this is a decoy, then what’s with the glass? Did Taylor decide to pick that up with the bugs to make it look more real?

Because if so, she’s succeeding. It’s not even the only thing that makes this look more real than most of her decoys.

I’m thinking there’s a 20% chance of this being a decoy, maybe.

The villainess didn’t speak.  She pointed to her right instead.

The lack of speaking on “Taylor’s” part is a pretty big indicator that it might be a decoy, though.

Fuck it, let’s say 40%.

Advancing toward the group was a beetle the size of a small pony.  It didn’t use its forelimbs to walk, but held them up so the razor edge was both visible and ready to strike.

Hell yes.

“Call it off or I shoot!”

I’m becoming more and more sure that shooting wouldn’t do much. You’d be better off shooting Atlas, if I’m right.

“Shoot and you die,” Skitter’s voice was distorted, not really resembling a sound from human lips.

Yeah, that’s because she’s not making it with human lips.

Also Skitter is really threatening to kill someone here. I wonder if she means to back it up.

She’s had a bad day at work.

The beetle seemed to offer a deep buzz to accompany the ‘oo’ sounds.  “It won’t be pretty.  Brown recluse venom makes your muscles necrotize.  That means it decays while you’re still alive.

Oh man, going into detail on the gruesome way she’d die. Fantastic for intimidation.

I don’t think Skitter is seriously intending to do this if she doesn’t get her way, but damn if she isn’t going to make Yan and co. think she is.

It takes days, but the only real cure is taking a knife to the area around the bite.  That might be okay if you have one bite, carve out a half-pound of flesh, let the wound drain, stitch it up.  But what if you have three or four bites?  Or ten?”

“Just ask Lung, he knows what it’s like.”

“You’re bullshitting me,” Yan spat the words.

Skitter ignored her.  “It’s excruciatingly painful.  Nothing you experienced during your initiation into the ABB even compares, I can guarantee it.

How much does Skitter know about ABB initiation rituals?

You’re rotting alive, your flesh turning black as it liquefies.  So maybe you shoot me.  Maybe you even kill me, though I doubt it.  Either way, whether I walk away from here alive or not, you get bitten.  They’re already on you.  All three of you.”

Hm. I was going to say I was sure she’s telling the truth, because she can easily do this, but it might actually be more effective to tell them there are spiders on them that they can’t find.

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