I love these chapters where we see Taylor from an outside perspective. Bugs covering the face and costume don’t even register in her narration anymore and while Atlas is just a means for flying for Taylor, for others it may look like a monster straight from a horror movie (Image Clocky’s reaction). And the Sierra bit with the kids shows us that not only the capes are affected by the situation in the city and even the muggles have character development, for the worse and better

Hi Krix, I think this is about the third time in the story you have seen Taylor from someone elses point of view. Is this noticible and impactful to you reading? Any thoughts about that as part of the story and/or part of the mechanic for telling the story?

Seeing how others see Taylor is a treat. Sierra in particular, as she and Charlotte have rather unique perspectives on Skitter, being in her closest circle but not being fellow supervillains or even parahumans (I think this is only the third Interlude to feature the perspective of someone without powers, unless you count the portions of Battery’s Interlude before she got hers).

It’s actually something I wish we’d see more often. Taylor is big on rationalization, and she’s gotten used to some really freaky things, so it’s interesting to get looks at how she comes across to someone who can’t hear her rationalizations and aren’t used to those freaky things.

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