Interlude 14.5 (Bonus Interlude)

Let’s see how Wildbow decided to number this one… my money’s on 14½…

“Interlude 14.5 (Bonus Interlude)”. Alright, sure! One of these days I’ll probably get to a point where Wildbow starts to get more consistent about these, but it doesn’t look like today is that day.

Anyway, howdy! It’s time for the beginning of the end of the end of the end (but not THE end)!

(That is, the beginning of this Interlude, which is the end of the pair of Interludes that make up the end of the Arc, which is (I think) the end of the larger arc that covers the Slaughterhouse Nine’s presence in this part of the story, but not THE end of the story as a whole. That makes sense, right?)

So, for less nonsensical things, what are we in for tonight?

It’s a little late and I’m eager to get into the chapter, so I think I’ll let Pastwell do most of the talking here:

So – there’s one more Interlude before we reach the end of Arc 14. I don’t know if I dare to hope that it’ll be Charlotte’s POV, though that’d be neat. She’s my favorite of the drones (Sierra didn’t manage to take over that spot in this Interlude), and there’s clearly a story to be told regarding her reaction to Sugita. And I’d like to hear how she perceives Skitter too.

But if it’s not her… maybe someone in the Chosen (Cricket in particular comes to mind) learning about Hookwolf having gone?

Or maybe someone who was deeply affected by the miasma, perhaps finding out the member of the Nine they killed in self defense was actually a family member or something? Except the Interludes usually have an impact on the main story somehow. Maybe they’d trigger in response to the realization, or something like that. But now I’m less speculating and more making up a fanfic premise (that has probably been done at least five times). What kind of power would that lead to… Maybe the power to know who anyone you see is?

The one thing Pastwell seemed to neglect in that last paragraph is that maybe such a character would be a parahuman already, someone we already know. Who would be best suited for something like that, thematically? I’d say Amy, but we already know that doesn’t work. Again, though, I doubt we’re actually getting this tonight. It’s too specific a guess, and a bit too fanfic-y.

I don’t think I have anything else to add, so let’s get into the finale of Prey! 😀

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