“And you don’t know anything about how William Manton is connected to all this?”

“I’m as mystified as you are.”


Yeah, they definitely knew this one.

He knew what came next, with the conversation fresh in his memory.  He didn’t want to press the button again, but there was little choice.

“I’ve trained myself in kinesics.  I can look at a person’s face and body language and know if they’re lying.  And I can tell you the Doctor is telling the truth.”

The red text popped up as the last four and a half words appeared.  LIE.

Called it!

So why is Alexandria backing up the Doctor? Did she also get her powers from Cauldron, for that matter? Did they all?

Alexandria knew.  Of course she had.  Her ability to read people, her vast troves of knowledge, her ability to see patterns.  And she was the most willing of their group to take the hard, ugly road.  Had been since Siberian had hospitalized her.

Ouch. Before that, she was the one who seemed most reluctant to harm Siberian’s victim.

I can’t say this doesn’t also feel like a parallel to Taylor’s development, even if Taylor does surround herself with others that are more willing to take the hard, ugly road than herself.


His own voice.  “I’m sorry to accuse you.”

Hah. I was kind of thinking it too that I wasn’t sure he actually was sorry.


Had he been lying?  He supposed he had.  He didn’t like the Doctor, and he hadn’t truly felt sorry for his suspicions.  Ever since he’d seen William Manton with the Slaughterhouse Nine, he’d harbored doubts about what was going on.

It’s the kind of lie almost everyone tells from time to time, just to be polite.

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