“I read what you provided, though I’m not sure what you’re referring to specifically.”


Ah, here we go. A great thinker in the sense that he’s a scholar. With a bonus thinking alike because Alexandria is also a scholar of sorts.

He saw a change in her expression, saw Eidolon flinch as if he’d been slapped.

“I’ll explain for those of you who lack access to the PRT records or the time to peruse them.  Siberian is not a brute-class cape.  Siberian is a ‘master’, and the striped woman is a projection.

I suppose Master is appropriate, considering he controls the projection.

I caught a glimpse of the man who is creating the projection before they retreated.”

Keep an eye on the Doctor’s reaction, Legend.


“And he had Cauldron’s mark tattooed on the back of his left hand, a swan on his right.”

With the exception of himself, the Number Man and the woman in the suit, everyone present reacted with surprise.

Even the Doctor?

Is she surprised at Legend having caught this? Or maybe she’s just acting.

“You don’t think that was William Manton?”  Alexandria asked.  “But why the mark on his right hand?”

Ahhh. There were three scholars to choose from.

Also, I thought the right hand mark, the swan, was the one Legend recognized him by. Apparently not. So Manton may have had something to do with the early days of Cauldron before disappearing to become Siberian.

(It didn’t occur to me until now that this all means Cauldron is at least twenty years old.)

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