Legend sighed, “More than one.  William Manton and his link to Siberian, the tattoo on his right hand, our end of the world scenario and the role Jack plays as the catalyst.  Too many to count.”

Yeeeah, there’s a lot to consider here.

“None of this has to be addressed today,” Alexandria said.  “Why don’t you go home?  We’ll consider the situation and come up with a plan and some likely explanations.”

Cod knows you deserve some rest, Legend.

Don’t think I’ve forgotten those death flags, though.

Legend nodded.  The thought of holding Arthur and Keith in his arms energized him.

The Doctor turned to Eidolon, “You want another booster shot?”

…what? Is that something that temporarily increases his power’s, well, power?

“Probably another Endbringer attack coming up, it’s best if I’m in top form.”

Ah, yeah, I’ve been getting that feeling too. You might be surprised at where the Simurgh decides to strike, though.

While the others talked and planned, Legend stood and left without a farewell.

An opening between realities unfolded before he was half of the way down the alabaster white hallway.  He stepped through the opening to the oil rig, and then began his flight back to New York City.

But he didn’t go home.

Okay, so I guess he does live in NYC, then, not England. Makes sense, I suppose. Why would he be in the Protectorate if he lived in England, even with the reduced commute time?

So where is he headed now? Protectorate HQ?

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