“No.  Her employer didn’t say anything on the subject.”

“We’ll take measures,” Eidolon said.  “Evacuation, we’ll also push for automatic shutdown controls on power grids and nuclear facilities.

Evacuation? To where? Mars?

With the Endbringers out there, it would be sensible to do it anyways.  We can reduce the potential damage.”

Yeah, I don’t know about evacuation, but this part is a good idea.

“Unless,” Alexandria said, “The numbers the precog provided are already accounting for us having this conversation and taking the extra measures.  If she does view the future, it’s very possible she saw this very meeting and everything that followed, in a manner of speaking.”

Right. That’s a good point. Things always get tricky when you try to circumvent prophecy.

(If this is a trope you like, go read both Homestuck and The Wheel of Time.)

That was sobering.

“We’ll do it anyways, of course,” Eidolon said.

I mean, yeah. The numbers may not be able to go below 33%, but you should still push towards that end of the range.

Legend and Alexandria nodded.

“Let’s remember,” the Doctor said, “The numbers already pointed to an endgame situation at the twenty-three year mark.  If the Endbringers continue doing the damage they’ve been doing at the current rate, things won’t be sustainable.

Good point. The End was already being Brought.

We’ll be forced to withdraw from damaged and dangerous areas, populations will condense, the Endbringers attack those pockets…  and that’s without considering the possibility that they achieve something big in the interim.

The Endbringers are the slow way of destroying humanity and even they’re making some big dents over time.

We’ve talked about the crisis scenarios: Behemoth triggering a nuclear winter, Leviathan obliterating or tainting the world’s renewable water supply.”

Nuclear winter from Behemoth? How exactly? Just by destroying nuclear plants, or does he have another element on top of earth and fire/lava?

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