Because of our story focus on Brockton Bay we kinda get into this reader bubble that everything has to happen there as I’ve seen you have fallen into any times. What do you see the world being like, knowing what you know now, that the world was predicted to end in 20-something or so years, that the US has the biggest most regulated hero group in the world, the ENE region we are in being a big hub for them, and knowing 3rd world countries have more capes?

…oh. Fuck. Unregulated militias of parahumans, end time prophets, cults supporting the Endbringers, parahuman terrorism, parahuman warfare… things are probably not looking good out there, huh.

Also, re: the reader bubble – it’s true I’ve focused a lot on Brockton Bay, right down to suggesting that this already terribly broken city is going to get attacked by two more Endbringers and still have people living in it. I don’t think it’s so much because of the focus on Brockton Bay, though, as the focus on Taylor. Apart from Interludes and Interlude Arcs, everything we see is currently through the lens of Taylor “Skitter” Hebert. Anything we’re supposed to experience outside of those exceptions will need to be experienced by Taylor, which means it needs to happen somewhere Taylor is. (Taylor hearing about events from elsewhere while she’s in Brockton Bay counts. She’s experiencing hearing about that.)

If the Endbringers won’t come to Taylor, Taylor will have to go to the Endbringers. Or we’ll have to switch main POV characters.

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