For extra measure, I drew the bugs out of my costume and sent them straight for his nose and mouth.

Here we go again.

He went bug-eyed as he sat up, coughing and sputtering in an attempt to clear the bugs from his airway.

At least he’s so far not literally bug-eyed like Clockblocker.

After one rolling cough, he created another detonation in and around his mouth, obliterating a majority of the bugs I’d tried to gag him with.

I glanced at Biter.  He was still seated.  Good.  I’d somehow thought that the guy would be stepping up to defend his partner, making this a two-versus-one fight.

Seems not. Biter seems to be staying neutral or even silently taking your side.

If Barker’s power does draw fire, Biter is probably well aware that it wears off soon enough.

Barker was climbing to his feet.  I saw him falter, then start coughing again, gagging.

The capsaicin had kicked in.

Taylor, this is very much overkill. Disproportionate retribution.

Also I was joking about the jalapeños!

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