“Greyhound?  Chase or Ink?”  Bitch asked.

Now we’re getting into terms I don’t know. Sub-breeds, I assume.


Bitch frowned.  I tensed, ready to jump in and distract with some mention of food.

Oh wait, she was asking which of the greyhounds she has that this girl is fond of.

Is Rachel contemplating a good, selfless deed here?

Grudgingly, Bitch said, “Rather they have a proper home than stay with me.”

She was!

I could see the girl’s eyes widen in surprise.  “I didn’t- um.  Thank you.”

“If I see him in some cage in a shelter after you’ve taken him home, I’m going to track you down and dismember you,” Bitch growled.


Seriously, though, it says a lot that this girl (it’d be nice to have a name for her) has actually convinced Rachel that she’ll take care of the dog properly. I don’t think we’ve seen Rachel trust other people’s skill in taking care of dogs before. Though to be fair, Rachel has had the chance to observe this girl taking care of her dogs for some time now.

I could see from the expression on the girl’s face that she believed Bitch.  Still, I saw her steel herself as she replied, “If I fuck up, I deserve it.”

She really does seem to have taken everything Taylor told them to heart.

Obedient but assertive. Backing off but not showing her fear.

There wasn’t much more I could do to help that conversation.  I had hope that this would set Bitch’s underlings in the right direction.

It seems to have worked with this one, at least.

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