I stepped up into my lair to take the call.

“We’re a few minutes away,” Lisa told me, the second I picked up.

Hello to you too. 🙂

“Bitch is here already,” I answered.  “Come in the front door when you get here.”

Are they just officially using that now, with the secret being compromised already in Interlude 14?

“Righty-o.  Ta ta.”

She hung up.

Al…righty then. What was the narrative reason for the inclusion of that phone call when we already knew they were coming?

Are they not going to arrive in a few minutes, eventually causing Taylor to worry? Is the fact that they’ve been asked to come in the front door somehow relevant?

I took a second to compose myself, alone in the second floor of my lair.  Dealing with people, the sensitive management of Bitch and her underlings, pretending confidence where I didn’t necessarily have it, and thinking of all the little details that would help me convey the image of someone confident and powerful… it was draining.

I guess the narrative reason was just to get Taylor away from people so she could have some introspection time.

And introversion time, given what she’s saying here.

It meant standing straighter, having the answers, thinking two steps ahead and using intimidation and fear to prevent any argument or insubordination like Barker’s little stunt.  It meant retaliating in excess to any slight or disrespect.

…I think you’re putting too much pressure on yourself again. You’re making yourself act like a mixture of Coil and Rachel.

Or maybe like Bakuda. 

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